Horse Boarding

"I have been boarding my horse, Daisy, at Lockwood Park for six years. I have been so happy with the excellent facilities and wonderful care that Lockwood has provided for my horse. We have daily use of three arenas for ground work and training as well as full access to Lockwood and Page Park trails which provide hours of trail riding with no need to leave the park! Our horses graze on quality pasture in the summer months and are kept in a dry lot with hay and shelter during the winter. Lockwood also offers private or group lessons from beginner to intermediate riding instruction. We are always happy to welcome new boarders to our park. Come and join our Lockwood family where it’s always a good day in the saddle!"

- Judy Nyquist, Boarder at Lockwood Park

Boarder Group Trail Ride 2014

Lockwood Park offers horse boarding services, which include shelter for your horse (no stallions), pasture in season, and hay. Boarding spaces are limited.

Horse Boarding Fees

Board Fee: $200 per month, plus yearly vet costs
Security Deposit:
$200 per horse
$50 for 2 hours ($20.00/hour each additional hour + mileage fee)
Farrier Holding Service Fee:
$5 per horse
Worming Service Fee:
$18 per horse (every three months)
Horse Boarding w/stall:
$10 per day (as needed)

Boarders receive:

  • Tack and supply storage area
  • Use of a riding arena when programs are done
  • Full use of the beautiful horse riding trails
  • Orientation, tour of the facility

We Love Our Horses!

We maintain and treat our horses at a high standard. We require veterinarian care twice a year, worming every three months, and farrier service at least six times a year (8–12 weeks). Horses boarded at Lockwood are required to use our contracted veterinarian. We treat our horses and handle behavior issues not by force or intimidation, but by working with a horse in their own natural body language.


To be the best urban parks and recreation system in North America, as measured by national standards and the citizens we serve.


To help people enjoy life by providing an exceptional parks and recreation system.

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