Rockford Fire Department and Rockford Park District Enhance Life-Saving Efforts Along Rock River

New life-saving equipment is now in place along the Rock River, thanks to the Rockford Fire Department and Rockford Park District.

Floatation DeviceThe Rock River is a great place to recreate, but can also be dangerous if people are not water aware. Recently, the Rockford Fire Department activated its water rescue team due to an incident near the Chestnut Street bridge. Water rescue efforts have also taken place within the last year along the banks of the Rock River just outside of Riverview Ice House, 324 N. Madison Street. Water rescue teams can complete swift water, under ice and surface ice rescue, as well as general water rescue. Twelve buoys or floatation devices have been installed outside a variety of key locations along the Rock River and are available if needed for anyone to use.

Current locations for buoys:

1. UW Health Sports Factory, 305 S. Madison Street
2. Joe Marino Park, 102 N. Water Street
3. Waterside Plaza, 202 N. Water Street
4. Riverview Park, 324 N. Madison Street (near pedestrian bridge)
5. Riverview Park, 324 N. Madison Street (near dock)
6. YMCA, 200 Y Blvd.
7. Rock River Recreation Path near Rockmen Guardians
8. Nicholas Conservatory & Gardens, 1354 N. 2nd Street
9. Symbol, near N. 2nd Street and Auburn Street
10. Luther Village
11. Beattie Park, 401 N. Main Street
12. Burpee Museum boat docks, 737 N. Main Street

The Rockford Fire Department purchased the floatation devices with lines along with cases to keep each in at select locations and the Rockford Park District handled the installation. “Over the years, there has been an increase in public usage of the downtown area, especially along the riverfront where there could be an incident. Both agencies felt having floatation devices at strategic locations provides an important safety reminder and potentially life-saving assistance in case a water-related incident happens,” said Rockford Fire Chief Derek Bergsten. Rockford Fire Department also plans to provide training to all nearby businesses and Rockford Park District team members at nearby facilities. Additional locations have been identified, should funds permit.


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